Capture the rhythms of the Delta and feel the heartbeat of the mighty Okavango in Botswana as you journey on the Ngwesi, our Okavango Houseboat, moored on the river, near the village of Shakawe.  En suite accommodation is offered for eight guests in the cabins on the lower deck, with additional open air accommodation offered for 6 people on the upper deck. Activities include game viewing and birding, with over 450 bird species – fishing, try your hand at the sport of Tiger and Bream fishing - excursions on tender boats to explore the Delta with its countless water channels, floating islands, fertile banks and of course, Mekoro excursions (dugout canoe) – discover the Delta the traditional way with an experienced local guide. The untouched water wilderness sanctuary of the Delta is ideal for quiet discovery.

E x p e r i e n c e   t h e   C e n t r a l   K a l a h a r i   a n d   O k a v a n g o   D e l t a   i n   L u x u r y